The World's First Female Specific Goalkeeper Gloves

KeepHer Australia

KeepHer Australia is your exclusive home for Elite quality, female specific goalkeeper gloves down under. Our focus is on bringing you the best GK products to enhance your game, build confidence on the pitch and create a community of female goalkeepers in Australia. 

​Built to last out of the highest quality German latex, KeepHer AU gloves are the key to unlock your best game. KeepHer gloves have been a trailblazer for the women's game in America for a decade, and now we're bringing them to Australia for YOU!

​Female Goalkeepers have earned the right to a quality glove that fits and feels like it was made for them, and allows them to perform to their potential! Every other GK glove is designed for men..

We're changing the game.



  • Casey Dumont

    "I always have confidence taking the pitch in my KeepHer gloves. The grip is top class and never lets me down when it comes to making big saves!"

  • Emma Olsen

    "I absolutely love my KeepHer gloves! The grip lasts forever, and fit my hands perfectly. By far the best in the business!!"