KeepHer™ Glove Care

KeepHer™ Glove Care

Caring for your KeepHer™ Pro Gloves is just as important as washing your socks, shorts, and jersey. By taking the time to wash and care for your gloves you will prolong their life and maintain optimal latex grip.

The little dust particles that get stuck into the palm of your goalkeeper gloves compromises the tackiness of the glove. Additionally, this dust is abrasive and wears out the latex on the palm. By keeping your gloves fresh and clean between sessions and games, you remove those dust particles and your gloves will last almost 3-4 times longer!


Steps for Goalkeeper Glove Care.

  1. PRE-WASH YOUR GLOVES BEFORE FIRST USE: There are often some residual chemicals on the gloves from production. By pre-washing them you remove the chemicals and bring the palm latex to life making them super tacky for their first hit out!

  2. HOW TO WASH YOUR GLOVES: Hand wash your gloves only! Use a clear gel soap or mild bar soap. Avoid soaps with moisturisers or strong bar soaps like Lava. Wet your gloves with a stream of warm water. Put some soap on your finger tips and the rub it into the palm latex. Hold your goalkeeper gloves under the stream of water and work the soap around with your fingers. If the gloves are extremely dirty you can do this twice. Rinse the gloves really well to remove all the soap.

  3. DRY YOUR GLOVES: Simply hang the gloves on an indoor clothes line, clip them to a clothes hanger and let them air dry or lay them on a dry towel and flip them after a few hours. If you need them to dry rapidly you can wrap them in a dry towel and apply pressure by placing them under something heavy. This should wring out all the water nice and quickly and get them ready to wear within a day!


Additional goalkeeper glove care tips:

  • You can wash the gloves with the finger saves in or out, up to you!

  • Dry your gloves inside; don’t dry your gloves in direct sun light.

  • Wash your gloves about once a week depending upon use and field conditions.

  • Slightly damp gloves provide the best grip. Use some water before training or matches on the palms. We use the highest quality German Latex and applying this water will react to the grip and unleash their potential!

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